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TimeOut/New York

ROM-an Epic

Wouldn't textbooks be more interesting if they looked like Myst? Leave it to a filmmaker to eschew traditional text-based teaching in favor of a multimedia alternative. In director Rajko Grlic's How to Make Your Movie: An Interactive Film School (Windows and Mac CD-ROM $90), users wander through four levels of a virtual film school, where they can open file cabinets filled with film-production documents, view multimedia examples of shooting techniques, flip through screenplay drafts and access databases of information (including film-festivals lists, camera types and much more).

On floor four, desktop pupils can use their new skills to re-edit Pasta Paolo, a student film shot especially for the CD-ROM The three-CD set — a final entry in the New York Festival multimedia program — may not teach users the hand-on aspects of filmmaking, but it sure beats hours of overpriced lectures by pedantic pundits.

New York Festivals
Grand Award, Best of Show

New York Festivals:
Two Gold World Medals

New Media Magazine
InVision Award

CD-ROM Of The Year
PC-Chip Magazine

The Chris Award
Bronze, Education
The Cindy Award
Multimedia Competition
InCredible Award
Computer Credible Magazine