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Academic Syllabus
Follow the links below to a step-by-step plan for learning filmmaking using How To Make Your Movie. Watching the CD-ROM is the start, but the hands-on work of doing the exercises and using the program as a guide to developing your own project is where you'll really learn.

Instructors: use this syllabus to create classes or workshops for students at junior high through college level.

Independent learners: this syllabus is a guide to seriously learning filmmaking. Follow the steps and commit to doing the exercises just as you would in class with a group. The hands-on exercises and actually creating your own project are essential.

This syllabus is also included with the program in printable .PDF format.

Introduction to the goals and five-part learning structure

PART 1: Research

PART 2: Script

PART 3: Pre-production

PART 4: Production

PART 5: Post-production



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