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PART 5: Post-production

This final period in the production process deals with picture and sound editing, including the whole post-production process through creating the final mix. The goal is to focus once again on the story and finding the best ways that existing material can serve that story.

Post-production is divided into two sections:
Post-production editing class in which assemblies, rough cuts and the final cuts of project are edited, screened and discussed.
Post-production sound class in which sound effects, ambience, music, pre-mix and final mix are prepared and completed.

Each student must bring to the first Post-production class:
assemblies (selected shots without slates in film-story order) of his/her film or video.

The Post-production review schedule:
Assemblies 1
Assemblies 2
Rough Cuts 1
Rough Cuts 2
First Final Cut
Director’s Final Cut Review
Sound And Music Editing
Sound Tracks Review
Final Mix
Final Film Review

PART 1: Research

PART 2: Script

PART 3: Pre-production

PART 4: Production

PART 5: Post-production



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