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The Creative Team

Rajko Grlic
Writer, Director, Producer
Rajko Grlic was born in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated from the FAMU Film School in Prague, Czech Republic. He has directed and co-written seven feature films including: Charuga, That Summer of White Roses, Three for Happiness, In the Jaws of Life, You Love Only Once, Bravo Maestro, and If It Kills Me.

His films have been distributed all around the world and shown in competition at many major film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival. He has received more then fifty international awards including "Grand Prix" for Best Film and the prize for Best Director at the Tokyo International Festival.

Rajko has also written nine feature screenplays and two television serials, and has received numerous writing awards including the UNESCO Award and the Peter Kastner Award. He has produced two feature films and five short films. He has also directed three television documentaries, serials, and a dozen short films. Four of his films are available on home video and laserdisc in the U.S. (Rajko Grlic's website)

Tom Erlewine
Art Director, Program Designer
As a communications designer, Tom Erlewine has been creating for the software industry for over 25 years. Tom has designed the interfaces for more than 30 CD-ROM applications, as well as websites and educational programs on Video-CD and DVD.

As a team with his brother, Dan Erlewine, he has created the best-selling books and DVDs in the world of instrument repair, including the Guitar Player Repair Guide, and How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great.

A commercial photographer and illustrator, Tom directed the design and production of this Interactive Film School, as well as creating the majority of the graphics. (erlewinedesign.com)

Daric Christian
Lead Programmer, Asst. Art Director
Daric Christian received his BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design, and his MFA from Ohio University. As Director of Electronic Imaging at Northern Michigan University, Daric is responsible for teaching, curriculum development and facility management. Daric's creative programming is essential to this project, and his contribution to the interface design and creation of many graphics is felt throughout the Interactive Film School.


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