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Disk 2 Extras
The second CD-ROM in the set includes extras to help you continue learning filmmaking outside the interactive film school.

Digital Footage for Editing Practice
Disc 2 contains QuickTime video footage and sound files for creating your own edit of the film created for this CD-ROM, "Pasta Paolo." These files may be copied and used with any QuickTime editing software.
Assembly Cut (24:00 min.)
Rough Cut (8:32 min.)
Final Cut (7:46 min.)
Sound effects and music

Academic Syllabus
Included on Disc 2 is a course syllabus created by Rajko Grlic for teaching a one-year film production class based on How To Make Your Movie. This syllabus is here online, too: it’s your guide to using this program to learn filmmaking in a practical, hands-on way.

Printable .PDF Files
The "visiting professors" throughout the interactive film school (film educators and professional filmmakers) have written original material specifically for the students of this program. In addition to being found in the classrooms throughout the building, this material is provided as .PDF files on Disk 2 so that you can print paper copies similar to our free Production Notebook which is downloadable on this website.


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